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Self-Care 101: How to Take Care of Yourself

Self-care?! That sounds so crazy and like a dream. Easier said than done. It is easy to go from cooking, wiping a bottom, cleaning some mess, and etc. BUT... I really would like to encourage you and myself to take the time to rest somehow.

Maybe one of these ideas might work?

Self-care practices

  • Turn on the "dancing" music and dance alone or with others. Not quite "resting" but it does energize and change our state of mind.

  • Hide out in bathroom/room alone for 3 minutes and meditate or deep breaths (close your eyes - it gives your brain a break).

  • Change your scenery. Load up your littles/special ones in the car. Pack water/snack (coffee for me) and listen to music or audiobooks (we loved "Adventures in Odyssey").

  • Wonder Woman Pose for 2 minutes - breathe in and exhale. Affirm and encourage yourself. Seems silly but it empowers you.

  • Meditation functions as all forms of self-care -- physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental. It nourishes your mind, body, and soul all at once. Meditation reduces stress, anxiety, feelings of depression, and connects you to your inner self, promotes discovery, increases gratitude and improves sleep. Meditation does not mean sitting in a meditation center or a special room. You could go on a quick 5-minute meditation walk, observing all the beauty in your world. You could meditate on all the goodness in your life; past, present and future. Thus you could meditate throughout your day.

  • Doing something you enjoy and love everyday makes you more productive, energized, and motivated. No matter what your tasks are everyday, make sure to take some time -- even just 20 minutes -- and do something that makes you fulfilled and happy.

  • Staying active keeps your body and mind healthy -- also keeping you away from chronic illnesses. Exercise and movement boost your sense of well-being, releases happy hormones, sharpens focus, and aids sleeps. This does not require a gym. You could work out at a gym or integrate movement and stretches throughout your day. I slip in wall push-ups and jogging in place throughout my day. I pair squats and calf raises while brushing my teeth, leg lifts while filling up my hot water pot.

  • Sleep and Rest. Ideally it would be wonderful if we all get 8 hours of restful and rejuvenating sleep. I encourage you to rest, close your eyes, and set your alarm for five to ten minutes and power-nap. It's important to make sleep or rest a priority, insufficient sleep can lead to can have a lot of consequences -- namely, increased chances of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and so on.

  • Just 15 minutes of massage is enough to give you relaxation, decrease stress, and improve your heart rate. If you get massages on a frequent basis, imagine how rejuvenating it can be! If massaging is not in your budget, take the time out to stretch.

And that's it! Let me know if these worked for you! I would love to hear your ideas too! Remember, YOU are Amazing and Valuable! Cheers, Blessings, and Happy Holidays!

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