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Suzette Poon

Founder & Certified Life Coach

I started this coaching practice  FOR YOU  because I've been there.

I too am a mother of someone with special needs and I remember wondering

if this was all there was to life, is this it? is this all there is? There has to be more.

When I tried to keep everyone safe and happy, I became depleted, exhausted, confused, and stuck.

I felt that I had no help, and no support.

I was alone and isolated because of the severity of my son's needs.

I felt like I was hiding  and I did a lot of  the “I am fine”  language  while wondering , do I share “real life” with people? 

I was happy to be a caregiver for my son and if anything — I was wondering if I was doing enough...

 (que the perfecting and the constant feeling of guilt).

I felt guilty of not having it together because some days it felt like I was “messing up",

"losing my cool" and having meltdown moments where I'd  end up crying. 

The real problem was not that I was bad or doing it wrong... I  had just gotten myself  stuck in the circumstances, and all I could see was the circumstance.  


In Sean’s younger years, I felt judged but something shifted when I  decided to do

some work on myself and FINALLY got resolution with judgement from others.

A lightbulb was turned on for me... what if I need do more work on me so

that I can live a better life, enjoy myself and in turn be a better Mom.

I stepped into the work I needed to do on ME, it turns out that the more I worked on myself,

the more my circumstances had less control of my mind.

The combination of doing MY work and my faith sent relief rushing through my life .

I stood strong in knowing God was in control and we were perfectly perfect where we were at.

The self work that I did helped me to  see the positives.

The guilt lifted... the fear lifted...

and I realized that I was doing the best I could with a level of excellence.

I am still laser-focused on my son and continue my researching, studying and fighting for him daily.

I like to say that I'm dreaming the dream for Sean. But now I know with all certainty that all of this starts with allowing a dream for myself.  


Something shifted in a huge way when I decided to allow myself to have dreams again. I allow myself to have all the dreams, they are part of my Vision,  and my life.

And I want YOU to realize that it's safe for you to have a vision and dreams

and that starts with taking steps towards YOUR inner work. 

Do I have it  all figured out? No, but I still have all the joy and peace I've

ever wanted in my life and YOU CAN TOO.


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