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Give Yourself a Break

With the holidays coming up, it is easy to do “all the things”; work, shop, plan, decorate, wrap gifts, volunteer, perfect the parties, and then some. However, as special needs parents, we forget to take breaks in between hectic work.

Us parents are responsible for a lot! There's preparing our kids for the day, cooking meals, running errands, appointments -- the list goes on. In fact, it seems like the list never ends at all! Parents who have special needs children know that caring for their special ones need a little extra and specialized care. Every detail of every day needs to be planned out.

And because of the never ending tasks and responsibilities, we forget that we also need to rest. To take breaks. To remember that self-care is actually as important as taking care of our child(ren).

In addition, as special needs families, holidays and celebrations can be filled with a lot of mixed emotions. Sometimes our special children are welcomed and loved. Sometimes they are ignored or looked down upon. And there are times our special one do not want to be part of festivities and celebrations.

All of these can be mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting. That's why, as a special needs parent, I'm encouraging all of us to rest, breathe, and do some self-care. It's not selfish to take a break and care for yourself; not only will it benefit you, but it will also benefit those around you. You need to remember that taking a break for yourself is as important as any therapy or care for your child.

Just remember that, no matter what, knowing that you have a break around the corner can be a great way to calm and let yourself breathe. As simple as a 5 minute meditation can go a really long way. Rest, not as a reward, but because you deserve it.

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