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For the Parent Who Thinks They're Not Doing Enough

Have you ever been overwhelmed, juggling too many things and wondering if what you're doing is ever enough or you think you're failing?

There was a time that when Sean even had one seizure I thought I was not doing enough or I was failing.

I would have the thoughts of:

Where did I go wrong? or

I was not following the regimen perfect enough or

Re-check the macros, do more research, check all the supplements, and the list goes on.

Family members and people would ask me why Sean had seizures, why did he have "bad" behaviors, why can't he take care of himself, and the comment of Sean getting worse.

I have always thought "It is what it is. I just take the next step." BUT I thought "fixing Sean" was all on me. I thought it was a reflection of me. Wow, what bondage. The anxiety and worry of a seizure. The depression of a seizure. Misplaced identity.

I’ve been in this trap before, when I was younger. Wanting to do things perfectly and having completed everything "the day before". I was doing all the things to control, yet I knew I did not have control. The oddest thing is when Sean would have a seizure, I would be calm, expect his seizures to subside, and I knew Sean would be okay. But I would be back at "fixing Sean". This past Monday's seizure — it was only one. It was not as intense and not the usual violent shaking. Sean did not turn purple and there were no multiple seizures to follow.

Instead of failure, I saw all the things I had been doing as my best. I relied on God and I prayed over Sean while he was going through it and I believed for Sean‘s healing. I do not see as a failure on my part or on anyone's part. It is just a seizure.

What is it you are carrying?

Do you believe it is all on you?

Is there a point where it can be perfect?

Is there a point where it is enough?

or that your best is your enough?

These three words gave me the strength I need as a parent to get through my toughest days.

I am enough.

and for what it's worth, I AM doing enough.

Even with those dirty pile of laundry, the never ending dishes on the sink, or looking after your child, YOU are enough and doing enough.

You've got this! A little nervous? I am here to help. Book your complimentary session with me today and let's talk about it!

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